European Ship Simulator PC

European Ship Simulator breathes new life into the ship sailing genre.

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Set sail for adventure and wealth as you captain a wide selection of vessels including mammoth cruise liners, tugboats, and a powerful speedboat in this epic nautical simulator. With a realistic ocean and highly detailed ports, it’s difficult to tell where reality ends and European Ship Simulator begins. 

European Ship Simulator breathes new life into the ship sailing genre with its exciting plans for expansions and downloadable content such as new ports, ships and missions.


  • Mission Editor Create your own missions by selecting a starting ship and location as well as your objectives, cargo, destination and mission length
  • Career Mode Beginning with a small boat, you’ll earn money by completing missions and delivering cargo
  • Mission Mode Play through individual challenges and improve your time and score to earn rewards
  • Ships Includes a fishing boat, container ship, tanker and ocean cruiser Ports Dover, Rotterdam, Calais and Hamburg
  • Weather A variety of ever-changing weather conditions from bright, sunny days to dark, stormy nights with lightning and sound effects
  • Modding Function Create your own ships and missions and make European Ship Simulator an ever-expanding world


System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP(SP3) / Vista / 7 / 8
Mac Operating System (use for mac only) Mac OS 10.6 or above
Processor Dual core CPU with 2.4 GHz memory or higher
Memory 2 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory or more
Hard Drive 1 GB available space
Others Internet connection required for activation/downloa