Yesterday Origins" will transport the immortal heroes, John Yesterday and his partner Pauline, across the globe and through history as the game unfolds, alternating between modern and medieval times.

The game begins in medieval times when the young John finds himself thrown in prison, shortly before the events which made him immortal but which, as a result of a flaw in the ritual, cause him to lose his memory every time he comes back to life.

In the modern period, John and Pauline are searching for a special coin which they need in order to repeat the process, this time, without a flaw. They will soon find themselves up against dangerous protagonists who have other plans for them...

  • A rich plot which takes place alternatively in two separate periods.
  • Developed in 3D, allowing brand-new visual effects but still in line with Pendulo’s unique graphic cartoon touch.
  • Addition of a physics engine
  • Full dubbing with enhanced animations, motion lipsync and visual effects
  • The players will cross the paths of more than 25 characters to interact with.
  • 10 locations to visit representing more than 50 backgrounds.
  • Visiting many countries across several periods in history (France, Spain, U.S.A., England, Netherlands, etc.)