Exclusive boxed add-on that is not available digital!

Expand your farm with the pellet industry – with the first official add-on of Aero soft and creative mesh for one of the best sellers in the simulation sector: the agricultural simulator 17! With the Crown Premos 5000 you can press straw and hay directly on the field to pellets. Then you can either use them directly as an animal feed or process them in the fully automatic Palletizing Plant and then sell them profitably.


  • Crown Premos 5000 Pellet Harvester for direct processing to pellets
  • Bressel and load B50 ar-03 and B50 AR-05 Bale forks are compatible with tractor, tele loader, and Wheel Loader
  • Bale presses Crown big Pack 1290 HDP II XC and Crown Comprima V180 XC
  • Crown Bale Collect 1230 Bale Collector
  • Pellet processing Shalle with Gantry crane, palletizing and expandable pellet
  • Sales station for the pallets produced
  • Pellets can be used as fodder for animals or sold as bulk or goods.

CH Products

CH Products has been a leading manufacturer of advanced motion control solutions for more than twenty-five years. With two distinct business divisions: Industrial and Simulation, CH Products develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive customizable product line that is designed to meet the expanding needs of high quality products.

The Simulation division offers an expansive line of high-end USB avionic controllers ideal for both general aviation and combat simulation and includes Joysticks, Yokes, Throttles and Rudder Pedals.