Payday 2 - Crimewave Edition XB1

The original PAYDAY 2 experience, now in glorious 1080p!

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Release 2015-06-12

To be released on the 12:th of June, the Crimewave Edition will be offered to gamers everywhere with a bang; consumers pre-ordering the product will not only unlock the special Hard Time Loot Bag digital content, but will also have the opportunity to score a time limited discount on the purchase.

The continuance of the PAYDAY-saga on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is going to be awesome. With improved frame rate, greater looking textures, 1080p resolution and more than a year worth of updates included in the game at launch, robbing banks together has never looked as sweet.” Said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze AB. “Getting PAYDAY into the hands of as many gamers as possible has always been one of our mantras. Hopefully our initial offer will make it easier than ever for new and old heisters alike to enjoy PAYDAY 2 ”.

PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition includes:

The original PAYDAY 2 experience, now in glorious 1080p and refined to look its best.

Updates and DLCs worth over $80 in recommended retail value, including the fan favorite The Big Bank DLC, the first female heister Clover as well as the recently released The Bomb DLCs. In total:

  • Armored Transport
  • Gage Weapon Pack #1
  • Gage Weapon Pack #2
  • Gage Mod Courier Pack
  • Gage Sniper Pack
  • The Big Bank Heist
  • Gage Shotgun Pack
  • Gage Assault Pack
  • Hotline Miami
  • Gage Historical Pack
  • The Diamond Heist
  • Clover Character Pack
  • The Bomb Heists
  • Dragan Character Pack
  • The Death Wish Update
  • The Election Day Heist
  • The Shadow Raid Heist
  • John Wick Character Pack
  • The Hoxton Breakout Heist
  • Old Hoxton Character Pack
  • The Infamy Update
  • The Diamond Store Heist
  • The White Xmas Heist
  • The PAYDAY 2 Soundtrack to play in game.

The pre-order bonus “Hard Time Loot Bag” contains a number of unique digital items including: Red dot weapon sight modification available for use on all rifle weapons

  • Exclusive Skull mask
  • PlayStation 4 or Xbox One exclusive mask
  • Unique mask pattern titled “I LOVE OVERKILL”
  • Unique color pattern, only available with this unlock Bundle of in-game cash.